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Cooking with garlic

Garlic is the most wonderful and versatile ingredient to cook with. Our collection of both classic and original garlic recipes will allow you to get the most from what we believe is the finest and most essential ingredient of them all. Have a look at our garlic tips page for some pointers on the best methods for peeling and preparing garlic so that you get the best results for whatever you are trying to do. Whether it's using garlic for health, as a mild flavour enhancement or for a really garlicky classic make sure you're doing it right.

Garlic recipes

Starters, Dips and Sides

Chicken Recipes

Vegetable Recipes

 So you want to get some      garlic into that dish but  should you slice it, dice it,  crush it, roast it, toss it in  whole? Read our garlic tips  page for essential garlic  advice. 

Meat Recipes

Fish Recipes

Black Garlic Recipes

Smoked Garlic Recipes

Green Garlic Recipes

Wild Garlic Recipes

For more inspirational garlic recipes, take a look at our Garlic Farm Cook Book, £9.95
 For information on cooking, growing and healing with garlic, take a look at Garlic The Mighty Bulb, £14.95

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