The Garlic Farm


A unique range of garlic themed pickles, relishes & chutneys
Peach & Mango Chutney
Exotic fruit chutney with an ancient Greek herb makes this particular chutney a perfect partner to any curry dish. A delight to eat with poppadoms &a... more info

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Onion Marmalade with Garlic
Red onions & garlic create this delicious relish that partners cold meats, cheese & adds a touch of sweetness for sandwiches. Try it with gri... more info

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Vampire's Revenge - Hot Plum Chutney
*2007 Great Taste Award Winner* The vampire strikes back with this plum & habanero chilli combination that will certainly stimulate the endorphin... more info

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Vampire Relish - Hot Tomato Salsa
A blood-red tomato salsa with serious garlic undertones makes this the ideal associate for home made burgers & sausages and a must for pre-barbecu... more info

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Vampire's Delight - Hot Apple Chutney
Apple chutney is one of the most popular varieties of homemade chutney. Whatever you've tasted before, we think this one is a winner. Its tangy, spic... more info

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Hot Garlic Pickle
Finely chopped garlic mixed with many complex flavours including distinctive black onion seed, chilli and cumin. A fantastic partner for sausages and ... more info

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Cheeky Monkey - Banana Chutney
We know it sounds odd, but this chutney has a band of followers whose commitment is verging on religious. They beg us to make more of it. An insane mi... more info

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Fig, Apple & Garlic Chutney
A fruity temptation from the Garden of Eden. This rich fruity chutney partners well with cheese & games dishes. With the perfect sweet/sour bala... more info

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Tomato, Garlic & Ginger Chutney
If chutneys were aware of class distinctions, this one would demand to be on the top shelf. Subtle tones of garlic, ginger & tomato in perfect bal... more info

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Rhubarb & Pear Chutney
*2009 Great Taste Award Winner* The tang of rhubarb & the juice of the pear with subtle crisp garlic interludes make this distinctive chutney the ... more info

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