The Garlic Farm

School Farm Visits

Come, have fun and learn about the history, mystery and magic of the garlic plant! 
We welcome teachers and parents to discover more about everything from farming, the environment, archeology and geography to history, health and legends through an interactive day with us at The Garlic Farm.

School farm visit to the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight        Tractor on the Garlic Farm Isle of Wight      Pupils on a farm visit to the Garlic Farm

Our new Education Centre is a unique way for children and adults to learn. From planting and cookery, garlic for health, or history, myth and legends, we cover a diverse range of subjects and can tailor make your day to suit you and your pupils. Download our pdf brochure by clicking here.

Educational Visits can be arranged during term time
between Monday and Friday 9am - 5pm.

A visit to the farm prior to booking is a good idea to see what's
on offer and make the most of your trip.

Education Officer led - £4 per student:
Guided tractor trailer ride, includes either Garlic Plant/Cloves/Bread
to take back to school.

Teacher led - £3 per student:
Includes use of facilities, Tractor trailer ride to and from coach park.

School trip activity leaflet

Pupil learning how to grow garlic

Tractor and trailer tours for school visits to the garlic farm

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