Heritage Porcelain Wight Seed 3 Bulbs
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Heritage - Porcelain Wight Seed (3 Bulbs)

Allium Sativum ophioscorodon (Hardneck) - Originates in the Caucasus Mountain range, stretching between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Towering plants, with broad leaves the scapes form wide loops rather than coils. The bulbs have white wrappers enclosing 3-7 pink cloves. They are very hot and sulphurous, a raw taste lending well to salsas and spicy foods. They are also exceptional when roasted, exuding a nutty flavour. Porcelains have the highest allicin content of any of garlic's horticultural groups, the vital sulphur compound in garlic's health giving properties. Late to mature, they may store 6-8 months.

Origins: Caucasus Mountain
Cloves: 3 - 7 cloves/ bulb (estimated)
Expected size: 40 - 70mm (estimated)
Planted: October - December
Harvested: July

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