Green Garlic Spring Onions… otherwise known as wet garlic, young garlic, aillé (French) or garlic scallions. 19th May, 2016

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What is it?

Green garlic spring onions are simply garlic plants that have not yet reached full maturity. Green garlic can be harvested at various stages of maturity and these Green Garlic Spring Onions are the earliest harvest of our garlic crops. So eager are we to get our garlic onto our customers' - and our own – plates that we purposefully planted a few extra beds of garlic close together which could be harvested early and savoured in this form. The flavour of this young garlic crop is fresh, zingy and delicious and can be prepared much like spring onions or if you prefer to cook them, they can be prepared just like leeks. Remove the roots from the very bottom of the plant and you can trim the tops of the leaves but otherwise the entire green garlic plant is edible.

Storage & usage

Green garlic spring onions should be kept in the fridge and should keep for up to seven days. They can be used in a huge variety of different ways. You can use them raw finely chopped into salads, as a garnish to quiches or tarts. They are equally tasty when lightly cooked into pasta sauces, risottos or stews. You can make an alternative pesto by replacing the basil with a whole green garlic spring onion or combine with other seasonal vegetable such as asparagus to make a fabulous spring soup.