Time To Plant Garlic

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It's October and it's time to start planting your garlic. Here's a quick reminder of what you need to do:

·Break the garlic bulb into cloves just before planting, no longer.

·Plant small cloves at 4"/100mm and larger cloves at 6"/150mm in rows 16"/40cm apart

·Plant with 1"-2"/25-50mm of soil on top – no more

·Choose a large Mediterranean type – Provence Wight – and a heritage hardneckRed Duke, Mikulov or Topinky perhaps. Each makes up for what the other hasn't got – Provence Wight is large, robust and suits French provincial cooking. The Heritage hardneck grows scapes (flowering spikes that you snap off to improve bulb size when they appear and use in stirfries) and with its strength of flavour it makes the best garlic bread.

·Use a fertiliser designed for garlic – our Garlic Farm fertiliser pots are perfect – digging in half into the seedbed before planting and hoeing half in around the plants in February/March.

And that's all there is to it....almost! For more detailed garlic growing instructions you can take a look at our garlic growing pages. For even more in depth knowledge our Garlic Farm Growing Guide is available for just £2 with all seed garlic orders.

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