Elephant Garlic 300g Net

Our Elephant Garlic Bulbs will now be supplied in nets, as a collection of smaller bulbs, nets weigh 300g - collectively more than a single bulb. The good news is you get more garlic, pound for pound, the cloves are still large and the flavour remains first class!
We had a very wet start to the year and then a very dry Summer; extremes that impacted bulb size this year. 2020 certainly has been full of challenge!

Indigenous to N.W. Europe with wild plants, Babington's Leek, found around the surfing beaches of Cornwall, perhaps brought by the Phoenicians 2,500 years ago in the Bronze Age. Best described as an over-extended leek with garlic tendencies. Its Latin name, allium ampeloprasum, signifies that it is not a true garlic (allium sativum) but it has many endearing qualities nevertheless. It has a mild nutty flavour with salad onion and garlic backgrounds. Its pretensions as a garlic can sometimes be justified due to the sheer enormity of each clove, so lending flavour by sheer weight of garlic used. Roasting and baking are ideal as its size ensures that even robust cooking cannot decimate it.

Weight, approx 300g



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