Heritage - Lubasha Wight ® Easy-Peel Rounds

Exclusive to The Garlic Farm : 'Lubasha Rounds'

It's often the most experienced chefs who manage to keep their cooking simple. They deliver maximum flavour with minimum fuss. Nothing is superfluous in a successful recipe and there is an attractive efficiency to food built on honesty rather than pretension. Professional kitchens necessarily pay great attention to the timely preparation of ingredients, known as 'mise en place'. Whilst peeling and chopping can be a meditative focus for home-cooks, time is money for a commercial chef and those we've worked with are always keen to find quick ways to crack a bulb into cloves. And after years of experimenting, we have answer!

Our Lubasha Wight® 'one-shot-rounds' are easy to peel and packed full of flavour. Grown from directly the small bulbils of garlic plants, these densely flavourful individual mini solos are the equivalent of a good sized clove. Instead of peeling and cracking a bulb, pulling each clove out as you go, these rounds are a grab and go solution - a firm bash with the flat-blade of a knife and they peel in a flash.

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