Heritage - Lubasha Wight ® Rounds Seed 250g

Exclusive to The Garlic Farm : 'Lubasha Rounds'

Rediscover an ancient method of achieving excellent growing results. These Lubasha Rounds are the result of planting tiny cloves or 'bulbils' from the Lubasha garlic plant. These produce a 'round' in the first year which can now be planted to produce vigorous and beautiful Lubasha bulbs ready to harvest next summer.
The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight has been trialling the growing of garlic from rounds for several years with exciting results. We have a limited number of rounds available of our Ukrainian variety Lubasha to plant now.
Lubasha is a beautiful hard neck garlic with up to 6 large, fat cloves with some of the best eating and cooking results we have ever had.

Allium Sativum ophioscorodon (Hardneck) - An exceptional garlic variety originating from Ukraine yet well suited to growing conditions in the UK. Large cloves and bulbs with a vivid purple skin. Lyubasha in Russian translates as "Little loved one". Excellent for bringing strong base flavours to soups and stews but also excellent roasting garlic. In the Ukraine, a national pick me up as salo, peeled Lubasha cloves taken with salted pork fat and vodka. A Ukrainian nurse, working on the Isle of Wight, tells us "Ukrainian men no make love until they have had at least two shots of salo"! Stores well for up to 6 months from harvest. Best planted in the Autumn.

Origines: Ukraine
Planted: October - December
Harvested: July

Image of Lubasha Garlic Bulbs, is for illustration purposes only, to show you what can be grown from these rounds.

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