Warm your cockels

In the darkening days of autumn, it's easy to pine for the summer - for warmer weather, long balmy evenings, and al fresco barbecues. But autumn and winter bring their own delights, and comfort foods like garlic-infused roast chicken, spicy sausages and mash, and slow-cooked flavour-packed casseroles provide the perfect edible pick-me-ups on frosty days.

At The Garlic Farm we use our smoked garlic bulbs all year round, in the same way as raw garlic. During the colder months however, Smoked Garlic is ideal for injecting a nostalgic - and delicious - dash of smoky barbecue flavour to any meal. Starting with the very best raw materials, master smoker David Hughes hot smokes our homegrown garlic bulbs over oak chips for 48hrs, to create this fabulously authentic flavour.

Dishes with a Twist

More complex and sophisticated than raw garlic, try popping a bulb of smoked garlic into a whole chicken prior to roasting. Or grate some cloves over layers of thinly sliced potato, cover with cream, and bake until you have a bubbling, unctuous pile of smoked potato dauphinoise. It's also wonderful in winter soups and homemade mayonnaise, or use it to update family favourites like cauliflower cheese, shepherd's pie, and lasagne.

For an instant taste of summer, try making your own garlic bread with some smoked garlic, available to buy at The Garlic Farm or from our online shop 

Smoked Garlic Bread


2 smoked garlic cloves, finely chopped

125 g butter, at room temperature

Sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Sliced sourdough bread, baguette, or naan bread


1.Melt half the butter in a pan

2.Add the chopped smoked garlic and fry gently, ensuring the garlic doesn't brown, as this will create a bitter taste

3.Add the remaining butter, and mix well


5.Spread onto your chosen slices of bread

6.Grill briefly, until bread is just toasted and all the butter has melted.

For our deluxe cheesy version, try the recipe on on our website: Best Ever Cheesy Garlic Bread