What are Green Garlic Spring Onions?

Green Garlic Spring Onions are simply young garlic bulbs that have not yet reached full maturity, and are therefore milder in flavour than other garlic. Green garlic can be harvested at various stages of maturity and Green Garlic Spring Onions are the earliest harvest of all our garlic crops at The Garlic Farm. So eager are we to get Isle of Wight garlic onto our customers' (and our own!) plates that we purposefully plant a few extra beds of garlic close together, which can be harvested early and savoured in this delicious form.

What do Green Garlic Spring Onions taste like?

The flavour of this young garlic crop is fresh, zingy and delicious, without the heat of mature garlic. You can eat the bulbs whole, or divide into individual cloves, as you wish!

How can you use Green Garlic Spring Onions?

Also known as wet garlic, aillé, and garlic scallions, they can be chopped and eaten raw in salads, or used as a mild garlic garnish to quiches, soups and tarts in the same way that you might use spring onions. If you prefer to cook them, Green Garlic Spring Onions can be prepared like leeks: remove the roots from the very bottom of the plant and trim the tops of the leaves - otherwise the entire green garlic plant is edible and can be used in a huge variety of ways. Lightly cooked, they make a fabulous addition to pasta sauces, risottos and stews; or combine with other seasonal vegetable, such as asparagus, to make a delicious Spring soup that's bursting with flavour and goodness. Green Garlic is also a perfect alternative to fresh basil leaves in homemade pesto - try our recipe on the website here.

How long can I store Green Garlic?

Green Garlic Spring Onions should be stored in the fridge, and will then keep for up to seven days from the date of purchase.