Elephant and Provence

We are in full harvest swing here at the farm. Having completed a very successful Elephant Garlic harvest a few weeks ago, we launched straight into pulling up our Provence Wight variety and what a whopper! The bulbs are coming up larger than ever before. Such a delight for us all and that's even before we'd tasted it. Normally a milder variety, the weather has brought out the beast in this crop. The flavour is a punchy as they come.

Heritage Varieties

Our latest heritage varieties Red Donetsk and Red Czech although smaller in size, have incredible depth of flavour. We trialled them last season with good success and they are now available for you to try growing in your own garden.

Solent Wight

Our main crop of Solent Wight bulbs are in the process of being harvested and dried in our glass houses ready for plaiting and grapping by the team. Gilles is our master plaiter and is a deft hand at creating the beautiful strings to adorn your kitchen. What the sun is doing for our garlic drying is also helping Gilles notorious tan!