Introducing Our Innovative Wormery: Transforming Food Waste into 'Black Gold'

With great excitement, we unveil the latest addition to our regeneration practices: a state-of-the-art wormery that is set to revolutionize how we manage food waste and enrich our soils.

In the wise words of Charles Darwin;

"Worms are more powerful than the African elephant and more important to the economy than the cow."

Our cutting-edge wormery is a gift from our esteemed partners at, renowned experts in worm cultivation with a decade of experience in Shalfleet, Isle of Wight. Our role on the collaboration is to help raise awareness of the benefits of 'wromery' across our fields.

Housing approximately 8,000  worms weighing a total of 2 kilograms, this innovative system is projected to yield up to 1 litre of vermicompost (work castings) daily once the worms reach peak productivity.

Garlic Farm Worm Farm

What is vermicompost?

Vermicompost, affectionately known as "black gold," is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer crafted by our dedicated worm workforce. This prized compost offers a myriad of benefits for soil health and plant growth, including:

  • Facilitating new plant growth and reducing transplant shock
  • Boosting root development and structure
  • Providing a steady release of plant-friendly nutrients
  • Enhancing soil structure and moisture retention
  • Introducing beneficial microorganisms for soil vitality
  • Enriching plant growth with water-soluble nutrients
  • Being odourless and safe for all, including children and pets

How does it work?

Positioned next to our Ridan food composter, the wormery is carefully prepared with a nourishing blend of hay, coconut coir, sawdust, and rainwater to create an ideal habitat for the worms. Maintaining precise moisture levels is essential for the worms' respiratory health, as they rely on their skin for breathing. Once acclimatised, the worms eagerly consume the pre-digested food waste from the composter, leading to a population doubling every three months. Notably, these remarkable creatures possess a natural self-regulating mechanism; they multiply only if ample food is available. To ensure the well-being of our wormery, we conscientiously harvest and redistribute the worms every three months, allowing them to continue their vital work in the soil.

Harvesting vermicompost

Efficient harvesting of the vermicast is made possible by the user-friendly design of the wormery, featuring a sliding scraper system for seamless extraction without disturbing the worms or the ecosystem within the wormery.

Applying vermicompost to our garlic fields

To maximize the benefits of our 'black gold' harvest, we plan to create a nutrient-rich compost tea by blending vermicompost with water. This potent mix will be sprayed across our fields, fostering microbial diversity to nourish the soil and fortify our plants naturally.

Advantages of Vermicompost over thermophilic compost

  • Vermicomposting is aerobic, eliminating methane production
  • Faster composting process compared to thermophilic methods
  • Richer microbial diversity in vermicompost
  • Higher nutrient content for enhanced plant growth
  • Increased plant resilience against pathogens and pests

The introduction of our wormery marks a significant stride in our sustainable food waste management efforts, as we harness the power of 'black gold' to enrich our garlic crop and nurture our ecosystem. Join us in witnessing the transformative impact of our industrious worm partners on our farm and beyond.

In the meantime, do please take a moment to learn more about how worm castings (vermicompost) can regenerate soil in the most natural way. You can get a 'blast from the cast' by visiting The Worm Farm by clicking here....