Measurement of our impact continues to be guided by our decision to focus on two key values; Efficiency and Respect, and the areas of the business that sit within these. 

Below is a summary of our impact areas for year end 30th June 2023. To see our impact report for the past 2 years in more detail, please follow this link.

Reduce Waste

Target = 50% of all waste to landfill

  • Shop and restaurant site sent 51%
  • Wholesale and office sites sent 48%

What are we doing to improve?

  • Raising awareness across stakeholder groups, team, suppliers and customers
  • Engaging in close communications with our waste contractor
  • Team training, measuring and monitoring
  • Installation of Ridan food waste composter

Resource Efficiency
Energy Use
Target = 10% total energy reduction against baseline

  • Shop & Restaurant: 7%
  • Wholesale and Office: 36%
  • 25% of total electricity generated by solar
What are we doing to improve?
  • Exploring areas for further solar installation
  • Monitoring biomass usage and woodland management
  • Reestablishing baselines and targets for measurement and control 
Water Usage and water saving

Target = 10% reduction against baseline

  • Shop & Restaurant: 36%
  • Wholesale and Office: -5%
What are we doing to improve?
  • Installing more water butts at Mersley site
  • Team brainstorming on water saving techniques
  • Increasing number of water meters for more accurate measurements
  • Re-evaluating baselines to create more meaningful targets

Environment and Ecology:

What are we already doing?

  • Upholding certifications; Soil Association, Pasture for Life and Living Wage Foundation
  • Aiming for self sufficiency in biomass for all onsite log burners
  • Establishing wetland system for waste water collection and increased biodiversity (work commences April 2024)
  • Becoming 100% self-sufficient in pasture raised beef for our restaurant
  • Establishing baselines and maintain soil health monitoring across the farm using Soil Mentor 
  • Continuing to be 100% chemical free in all cleaning products for our holiday accommodation
  • Mob grazing system which improves soil health and animal health, involves long rest periods for pasture and stimulates plant growth which sequesters carbon
  • Completed scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessment

What are we doing to improve?

  • Planting more trees across the site
  • Using our Scope 1, 2 reports to navigate our carbon emission reductions and collaborate with suppliers to reduce Scope 3 emissions
  • Continuing to research best practice for measuring our onsite emissions and carbon sequestering through use of apps such as Farm Carbon Toolkit and Soil Mentor

Considered Purchasing
What are we already doing?

  • Hosting a supplier engagement event on 22nd Feb 2024
  • Created a supplier code of conduct
  • Ongoing research into lines of organic produce
  • Formalising purchasing policy for farm shop locally made, B Corp certified, other eco credentials
  • Clear provenance for all meat and fish purchased for our restaurant
  • At least one ingredient in each restaurant menu item is locally sourced

What are we doing to improve?

  • Increase attendance at events, particularly our mainland suppliers
  • Investigate more organic ambient lines
  • Supply 100% of all beef and goat meat to our restaurant from our own farm

Financial security

What are we already doing

  • Continuing our Living Wage Foundation (LWF) commitment
  • Including financial security topics in our employee survey to highlight any particular areas where we can have a positive impact as an employer
  • Providing information to all our team about pensions and all other benefits available to them

What are we doing to improve?

  • Continuing to honour our LWF commitments
  • Improving communications with all team members about steps to take if they find themselves in financial difficulty
  • Offering one to one financial health checks with a professional independent adviser

Wellness and safety

What are we already doing?

  • Conducting an annual team satisfaction survey
  • Implemented a Health & Safety Review across the business to update all risk assessments
  • Honoring our commitment to both health cover schemes and have a dedicated budget for team welfare/social activities.
  • Issued our  Menopause Policy
  • Offering reduced subsidized subscriptions to local gym and CrossFit centers
  • Promoting the cycle to work scheme
  • Annual full team walk led by directors

What are we doing to improve?

  • Aiming for a 10% increase across key areas of conern from annual team satisfaction survey; financial secutriy, team training, stress at work
  • Encouraging and enabling all managers to check in with their teams more regularly
  • Researching other ways to increase team wellness including team lunches, and shared team vegetable patch

Customers and community

Our customers have awarded us 4.5 stars or above across all customer feedback channels (google reviews, tripadvisor, dishcult, up front reviews)

What are we doing to improve?

  • We will continue our Customer Service training on an annual basis and continue to strive for a minimum of 4.5 stars across all channels.


Volunteering and Charitable Donations

Volunteering Target = Each full time employee to spend one day per year volunteering at a local charity of choice

  • Our team spent a total of 88 hrs volunteering at local charities.
  • A total of £17071 was given in charitable donations including both financial donations and in-kind donations of garlic and other products.
What are we doing to improve?
  • Increasing awareness of volunteer opportunities
  • Hosting charitable fundraising events
  • Continue to offer free use of our event spaces to team members for fundraising events
  • Budget for making regular donations to local charities in the form of raffle prizes and one off donations

Training and development

What are we already doing?

  • Annual all team training
  • Customer service training for all customer facing team members
  • Full review of First Aid, Fire Marshalling, Food Safety and Health & Safety training updates
  • Held farm walks for all team members to train teams on agroecological practices and outcomes

What are we doing to improve?

  • We have included training and development outcome in all appraisals to ensure commitment to one training element for every employee during the year 23/24