Ever since I chewed my first garlic clove as an adolescent, to give offence to and gain attention from those around me, I have heard garlic extolled for its health properties.

At The Garlic Farm we have always focussed on garlic's culinary qualities which are proven and let others move in the less precise world around garlic's medicinal properties. However, every so often garlic comes up trumps with a little scientific explanation. Here's our Romanian friend Feras al O'baidi's story.

A Cure for the Common Cold:

"I felt a bad cold coming on so decided to resort to garlic. I mashed 500g of garlic with olive oil. I put the mashed garlic in a plastic bag, placing my foot in the bag with the garlic, ensuring the garlic was all under the sole of my foot, wrapped the bag round my foot and taped it tight. I then walked the streets for two hours. Soon my mouth tasted of garlic and my body sweated garlic through every pore. Amazingly I felt better and my cold was in full retreat. The only downside was I exuded garlic for the next couple of days, a relatively small price to pay for a cure from a bad cold."

Has anyone else cured their cold this way? Please share your garlic and cold experiences with us. We don't get many colds here on the Isle of Wight so we're short on guinea pigs!

Pictures of Feras wearing these bags of garlic are hopefully to follow soon...!