Garlic grows across the UK provided it is grown in a free draining soil that is not too acidic, is kept well watered, weed free and has a good dose of both frost and sunshine. Any amateur gardener can grow good garlic.

For a great crop of garlic it is important to start with quality seed. Pre order quality seed from us.

  1. Prepare your soil well. Mix in lots of good compost long before you want to start planting. Make sure you have enough space (15cm between each clove - more for elephant). Plant in an area which will receive maximum sunlight hours. Good drainage is key.

  2. Break the bulbs into cloves, leaving skin on. Place cloves 3 - 4cm below ground surface, root down (pointy end up), 15cm apart.

  3. Water your garlic during dry periods throughout the growing season, but stop watering completely during the last few weeks. Carefully remove any weeds as they appear. From February, apply sulphate of potash to your garlic every 6 weeks to give it all the nutrients it needs to grow successfully.

  4. Garlic will tell you when it is time to harvest. Too early and you'll miss the final growth spurt, too late and your bulbs will rot in the ground. When the garlic falls over and the leaves are brown, it's harvest time.