Certified Organic

We are very happy to let you know that all our farmland is now certified organic. Work on this conversion began some time ago and we have now completed our accreditation with the Soil Association. We will be regularly and independently inspected to ensure our farming system continues to care for people, animals, and soil health.

Natural System

Organic farming is part of a powerful holistic approach to making improvements to the stewardship of land, the welfare of livestock and quality of food. The social and ecological principles that underpin organic farming are very closely aligned with our company ethics and we hope to continue to learn from the organic and regenerative farming community to deliver good outcomes for our team, customers, livestock, wildlife and the environment.

Soil Health

During our conversion process we have learned some techniques on maintaining fertility and biological activity within soil. The creation of soil structure at microbial level is, among other things, nature's way of engineering water-holding capacity - something that became crucial this summer.
Encouraging deep, strong roots by creating long rest periods for plants by altering our grazing system has also begun to show positive results. Our integration of pasture-fed, out-wintered, native breed cattle into the rotation of our crop using a mob-grazing system is a powerful way to support soil health.

Hope & Future

There is evidence of the benefits that organic farming can deliver to soil, animals, wildlife, climate, and humans. The hope is that by learning more about the interconnected nature of these elements we can implement tangible, practical improvement on our farmland. Some of these restorative indicators can be seen already, others may take many more years to be measurable.

A process of improvement is by nature never finished but this organic certification with The Soil Association is a helpful step in our mission to tread lightly. Our first crop of home-grown, certified organic garlic will be harvested in the summer of 2023. We will have the following varieties available:
Rhapsody Wight
Maddock Wight
Provence Wight
Mersley Wight
Solent Wight
Picardy Wight 
Caulk Wight

Moving toward certified organic for the remainder of our product range and menu items will be a longer process. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

All the very best from a very optimistic Garlic Farm team!