Our famous Mezze sharing platters are a firm Garlic Farm favourite. Loaded with some of our most delectable garlicky goodies, they never fail to please. But if you can't get to our restaurant any time soon, or perhaps you're simply inspired to make your own mezze or deli board, here are some ways you can re-create a Garlic Farm-style sharing platter at home.

  1. First, find your platter. We use a slate slab, but anything flat will work just fine - a wooden breadboard, chopping board, marble cheeseboard, enamel tray, or even a baking tray lined with parchment paper or a cotton napkin.
  2. You'll also need a section of small dishes, such as dipping bowls, saucers and ramekins.
  3. Garlic Farm mezze boards always include some of our Sweet Snacking Cloves (choose from cloves with Herbs or Chilli), and Olives Stuffed with Garlic. Both options are pretty irresistible, and make perfect nibbles to graze on while enjoying a cool beer or glass of wine.
  4. Dips are another essential element of any self-respecting mezze board. Pick your favourite Garlic Mayonnaise (Black Garlic mayo is especially more-ish) - and dollop a few generous spoonfuls into a ramekin, then surround with quartered baby gem lettuce, colourful radicchio, sliced vegetable crudités, or cooked King prawns.
  5. Avocados mashed with Garlic Sea Salt with Chilli, and thinned with a little lime juice to taste and chopped Isle of Wight tomatoes makes a quick and tasty guacamole, which can either be used as a dip or scooped onto crackers.
  6. Make or buy some Garlic Bread Baguettes (try our recipe here) and after heating it through, slice on the diagonal and arrange vertically in a glass or small bowl.
  7. Or spread our herby Garlic Butter onto some flatbreads, bake, and cut into generous slices to serve.
  8. Homemade coleslaw (made with grated carrot and shredded red or white cabbage) is delicious with our Garlic Mayonnaise with Chilli.
  9. When Garlic Scapes are in season they make a superb addition to a mezze platter. Simply griddle whole, then lay them diagonally across your serving board for diners to dip into mayonnaise or perhaps a little bowl of melted Oak Smoked Garlic Butter. You could also use asparagus spears when scapes are not available.
  10. A jar of our garlicky Coronation Sauce is a fabulous shortcut to whipping up some Coronation Chicken bites with cooked and diced chicken breasts. Skewer two chicken bites together on a toothpick and arrange on a saucer, or just put a bundle of toothpicks in a shot glass or egg cup for diners to help themselves.
  11. Potato salad using tiny Jersey Royals or baby new potatoes taste amazing tossed in a combination of our Mint Sauce and some garlic mayonnaise.
  12. Alternatively, sweet potato wedges roasted in our Truffle and Garlic Olive Oil can be stacked on top of each other to serve.
  13. Sauté prawns in Black Garlic Butter for a few minutes and serve them warm or cold.
  14. You could also add in some wedges of cheese, rolled slices of prosciutto and salami, or any bought deli ingredients like stuffed peppers, samosas, and spring rolls. Great accompaniments for these include our Sweet Chilli Sauce with Garlic or our ever-popular Wight Little Pickle.
  15. Once you have arranged all the dips and dishes onto your deli board, fill in any gaps so that the platter looks wonderfully loaded and inviting. Try sprigs of fresh rosemary, watercress or rocket leaves, edible nasturtiums if you happen to have any growing in your garden, bunches of grapes, strawberries, spiced nuts or gourmet crisps. Then, have a pile of napkins on standby, and serve!