We love cooking with our legendary fresh garlic all year round but, in the summer months, when barbecues, beach and picnics beckon, our delicious range of ready-made garlic sauces, dressings and mayonnaises make al fresco feasting fabulously quick and easy. Here's a guide to our top five!


Mayonnaise is something of a summer staple, and we think our scrumptious Garlic Mayonnaise even more so! The subtle addition of garlic to this creamy condiment lends a mellow smokiness to sandwiches, barbecued meat, or coleslaw, and makes a great dip for cooked shellfish, such as King prawns or lobster. Try the Garlic Mayonnaise with Mint variety with lamb burgers and kebabs, or mix it into cold new potatoes and chopped spring onions for a zingy summer salad. Mayonnaise with Chilli is ideal for those who prefer a punchier flavour and the perfect partner to sausages and barbecued meats, and adds a hot twist to a steak sandwich. 


Use our classic Garlic, Olive Oil and White Wine Vinaigrette to instantly enhance your summer salads. In a glass bottle made with 30% recycled glass, it's easily smart enough to grace the dining table, and adds an injection of style, along with environmental product satisfaction, as well as a complimentary flavour, to any picnic.

Barbecue Sauce

No summer meal should be without our Barbecue Sauce with Garlic. Don't be fooled by the name and reserve it solely for barbecues: exchange your usual dollop of ketchup for this full-flavoured, sophisticated sauce, or use it to baste meat during cooking to seal in the flavour.


Luxury Garlic & Basil Pesto is stunning spread thickly onto salmon steaks, prior to roasting or barbecuing. The oil-rich sauce prevents the fish drying out during cooking, while the garlic- infused basil flavour complements the delicate pink salmon beautifully. For a great veggie alternative, use thick slices of aubergine or marrow. To make a speedy appetiser, bake diagonally sliced ciabatta or baguette for ten minutes, then slather pesto onto each slice, with fresh basil to garnish.

Sea Salt

Finally, our Sea Salt with Garlic and Black Pepper grinder is an essential summertime accessory, making impromptu outdoor dining effortlessly tasty. A brilliantly handy, all-in-one seasoning - keep it in the picnic hamper for an instant flavour hit.