Is it magic? No, it's: 5-12-20+3%MgO+24%SO3Don't switch off!! We can explain everything.

Our Garlic Fertiliser is specifically designed for use on any garlic variety, regardless of soil type in your garden.

What are the benefits?

In a nutshell, using our Garlic Fertiliser will bring larger bulbs, better tasting garlic, improved disease resistance and increased pest resistance.

The combination of nutrients in the correct quantities allows the garlic to grow to its maximum size while building resistance to common fungal diseases and producing natural pest control substances in the bulb to deter garlic pests. At the same time, the high Sulphur levels allows the maximum production of alliin which is responsible for the strong flavour and health giving properties of garlic.

How to use our fertilizer

For the best results 25-35 grams per square meter should be applied 2 weeks before planting and then ideally every 6 weeks during growing, stopping 6 weeks prior to harvest. The fertilizer should be worked into the top layer of soil.

How much should I buy?

Each 300g tub will treat up to 12 square meters which is up to 90 cloves with 4 applications or 180 cloves with 2 applications.

Is it safe for pets & children after application?

Yes, although the product should definitely not be eaten. There is no need to exclude pets and children from the area after application.