A Step-by- step guide to growing your own garlic from the experts

As our many garlic seed customers can testify, growing garlic is exceptionally easy and rewarding. One bulb of garlic when broken into cloves and planted can reap 10-20 bulbs harvested. Not only for keen gardeners with lots of garden space, garlic can be easily planted in a pot on a patio or even a doorstep!

1. Buy a good quality garlic bulb from a reliable source. Seed garlic is specially selected for growing so you'll get better results than simply buying a bulb from the grocers as this may have been treated with anti-growth chemicals.

2. The best time to plant will depend on the variety. Some are autumn planting, some are spring planting. If you're unsure, November or December are good months to plant.

3. Choose the sunniest spot available to plant your garlic. Well-draining soil is best.

4. Break your bulb into cloves just before planting them at about a bulb's depth underground or in a pot.

5. Water well but don't flood. Watering is important in the spring when the bulb is starting to swell.

6. Harvest time will be from late June to early August depending on the variety. The best time to harvest is when the stem is lying on the ground. Or for hardnecked varieties, when most of the leaves have turned brown.

7. Pull the bulbs up and dry out well in a glasshouse or on a window sill.

8. Enjoy your beautiful bulbs which will last for months if you store in a warm, dry, well-ventilated place.