As passionately committed garlic fans, we are always looking for new and delicious ways to consume our favourite foodstuff. And for a few short months each year, just before the majority of our garlic has fully matured, green garlic makes a very special gourmet treat.

What is Green Garlic?

Also known as 'wet garlic', the immature garlic bulbs and edible green stalks can be enjoyed between March and May, and add an intriguing spike of flavour without being over-powering. Milder and lighter than fully-fledged garlic cloves, green garlic has a nutty-oniony flavour, without the typical spiciness of mature garlic.

Using Green Garlic in Cooking

You can eat them fresh or cooked: just substitute green garlic for spring onions, chives or leeks in any recipe. The young, tender cloves don't require peeling, since their papery skins have only just begun to form. Chop them finely and scatter over salads, soup, risotto and pizza, or fry the green stalks slowly in butter until soft, and serve as a side vegetable. Green garlic also lends itself to roasting - just remove the tips of the leaves, and slice the remaining bulb in half, drizzle with oil and roast for about forty minutes.

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