Radio 2's breakfast show with Chris Evans has found The Garlic Farm! We've been invited to speak about Wild Garlic on the breakfast show on Monday morning so thought we'd tell you a little about it, what it is, where to find it and how to cook with it.

What and Where?

Wild Garlic, also known as 'ramsoms' or 'buckrams' or to give it it's Latin name, allium ursinum, can be found growing prolifically in woodlands around the UK in the spring. Wild garlic is particularly abundant in certain woodland areas on the Isle of Wight. You'll usually find wild garlic in damp ground, in the shade of deciduous trees, in areas where you might also find bluebells although they don't often grow side by side. It's aroma is the biggest give away and smells very much the same as normal garlic. The wide elliptical leaves and small delicate star-shaped white flowers are easy to distinguish but if you are at all unsure simply pluck a leaf, break and sniff to get that familiar garlic whiff.

What to Pick

The most important thing to remember with wild garlic is that we're interested in the leaves and flowers and not the bulb! Don't try to eat the bulb of the wild garlic as it is particularly bitter and not to be consumed. Once you've found your wild garlic, harvest a few handfuls of leaves and a few flowers for decoration and head home to try out some exciting new dishes.

Recipe Ideas:

  • Chop finely and stir through boiled new potatoes
  • Add to a tortilla or quiche mixture
  • Chop and stir through salad. Use sparingly when consuming raw as the flavour can be powerful.
  • Add a handful of wild garlic leaves to your homemade pesto
  • Add to salsa verde for an extra fresh garlic kick
  • See our recipe pages for more ideas including wild garlic falafel and wild garlic tart