Christmas Ham Garlic Farm Style

Your Christmas ham is there to impress, and this Garlic Farm variation should do the trick: luscious Celebration Chutney & Black Garlic Beer glaze brings succulent texture and sweet and spiced Christmas flavour. Our Celebration Chutney contains all the best ingredients to bring a knock-out flavour to this Christmas classic dish. You can adapt to your usual recipe and timings according to weight. This glaze is for a 2-3kg ham.

Boil your ham to your usual recipe then remove the skin and score the fat. In a pan, add 1 bottle of Black Garlic Beer, 3 generous tablespoons of Celebration Chutney with 1 tablespoon olive oil and juice of half a lemon. Heat the glaze and gently reduce to about half the volume. Smother your ham with a generous layer of the Beery Garlicky glaze then slowly bake for about 40 minutes, basting regularly until caramelized.