Organic Kingsland Wight ® Seed - 4 Bulbs
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Organic Kingsland Wight ® Seed - 4 Bulbs

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Allium Sativum ophioscorodon (Hardneck).

There are so many advantages of organic farming, and we are pleased to offer this certified Organic version of our hugely popular Kingsland Wight. With white skin and pink cloves, this Lautrec type hardneck garlic is revered across Southern France for its vigour, flavour and bouquet. Ideally Autumn planted, it prefers free-draining soil.

A beautiful white hardneck with purple cloves, a Creole type, similar to Rose de Lautrec, held by French gourmands to be France's finest garlic. DNA analysis suggests this garlic began life in Kazahkstan, garlic's centre of origin then travelled with the Mongols into Eastern Europe(1200AD) and then on a recognised garlic migration route to south west France, near Toulouse, on the pilgrimage to St James at Compostela. We called this royal garlic after Kingsland, the most fertile strip of land on the farm, whose rent was due to the King.

Horticultural Group: Creole
Origines: Lautrec, near Toulouse
Cloves: 8 - 12 cloves/ bulb(estimated)
Expected size: 50 - 60mm(estimated)
Planted: Sep - Dec
Harvested: June - July

PLEASE NOTE: We are doing our bit to reduce food waste in our industry - therefore your order will be dispatched as whole bulbs or as loose cloves of the equivalent bulb count ordered, this ensures that we don't waste good quality produce. Please ensure that you open your parcel as soon as it arrives, and store the garlic in cool, shaded and well ventilated area such as a shed or garage, until planting.

Whilst every effort will be made to supply you with your chosen variety of organic seed, should any shortages arise after harvesting the crop, we may have to switch this out for a suitable alternative of organic garlic with similar characteristics to that of your chosen variety.


We ensure your Seed Garlic will arrive in good time for planting and aim to dispatch Seed Orders from Late-September onwards.

PLEASE NOTE: If ordering Seed Products and Non-Seed Products together your entire order will NOT be dispatched until your Seed Products are ready. (If you require Non-Seed Products sooner, please place two separate orders - one for Seed and one for non-Seed products).

SEASONAL PRODUCE: If you order Green Garlic, Plaits, or any other seasonal Fresh Garlic in the same order as your Seed Products, your entire order will NOT be dispatched until your Seed Products are ready. This means that any ‘green’, ‘new season’ or ‘fresh’ produce will be supplied as ‘dried’ produce and may have to be substituted for a suitable alternative product that is available at the time of dispatch.

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