Smoked Garlic Q&A 12th Apr, 2018

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Our garlic bulbs in their pure unadulterated state are hard to beat. But sometimes, a twist on an everyday ingredient can add extra interest to a favourite recipe. And because smoked garlic is partially pre-cooked, it has a mellow, distinctive flavour which suits some dishes where regular garlic might be too intense.

What can I do with Smoked Garlic?

We use smoked garlic to stuff chicken, enhance gravy and mayonnaise, mash into butter for finger-licking garlic bread, or to crown steaks and Portobello mushrooms. It adds another layer of flavour to family favourites like lasagne, shepherds' pie, and cauliflower cheese. Or try grating it into sliced potatoes and cream, for an upgrade on the classic Potato Dauphinoise. Our video shows you how.

How do you smoke your garlic?

We hot-smoke raw Iberian garlic bulbs over oak chips for 48 hours to create garlic infused with a seductively smoky oak flavour, reminiscent of summer barbecues and wild cooking. Our in-house Master Smoker keeps a close eye on the smoking process, and knows the oaky flavour has penetrated the garlic sufficiently when the cloves begin to soften.

What is the difference between cold and hot-smoked garlic?

It is possible to cold-smoke garlic, but this tends to only add flavour to the outer skin of the bulbs, in which case you need to use the whole bulb in order to enjoy the smoked flavour. We think the hot smoking process infuses each clove with flavour, so you can use individual cloves in the exact quantity you need them.

How does smoked garlic differ from roast garlic?

Smoked garlic is slowly smoked over oak chips to infuse the cloves with a delicious oaky flavour. Roast garlic is usually cooked in a hot oven for about an hour, resulting in soft cloves that are delicious eaten alongside roast meats or squeezed onto hunks of bread.