Lubasha Scapes 1kg

Our Lubasha Wight is a hardneck garlic that originates in Ukraine but is very well suited to UK growing conditions. Hardneck types produce a flowering spike or stem, in this case the curly scape is sometimes called a 'rocambole'. These are snapped off before they mature to encourage enlargement of the bulb beneath the soil. Happily, these scapes themselves are an absolute delicacy. When pan fried or roasted, the flavour and texture is similar to asparagus but with a fresher, clearer profile.

The season for scapes is fleeting, normally only a few weeks and the produce is an unusual delight. For some, it is the prime cut of a nose-to-tail approach to consuming garlic above as well as below ground. Enjoy it while you can!

** Please note, this item is a fresh product and is only available seasonally and therefore must not be ordered with any Seed Products **

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Usual Price £12.00 per KG, INTRODUCTORY PRICE £6.00 per KG

Introductory price valid until 12th July 2021.

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