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Wonky Wight Rustic Garlic: 10-Bulbs

Healthy and flavourful garlic, grown on rotation here on the Isle of Wight and with our partner farms across the UK, France and Spain. These bulbs contain beautiful cloves and are more rustic and irregular than the bulbs in shops.

- Wonky
- Rustic
- Muddy
- Irregular Shapes and Sizes
- Slightly Imperfect
- Partially Sprouting
- Split or Cracked Bulbs

10 bulbs per bundle, minimum.

We will add a few extra if some of the bulbs are smaller or have the odd clove missing.

Please note, these are LOOSE BULBS and not plaited.

Shelf-life up to 6 weeks.


Understanding sprouting

Garlic is a 'single-harvest' crop so it is natural that bulbs in Spring and early Summer may produce some cloves with green shoots. Those with green shoots are not only safe to eat, they are, in some ways preferable! Peer-reviewed trials published in the 'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry', state that sprouted garlic is actually even healthier than normal. Plants defend themselves from their most vulnerable time of initial growth by producing phytoalexins, which amongst other benefits, boost the already high antioxidant level of garlic. For some wonderful recipe ideas please read here.


Please note: We are doing our bit to reduce food waste in our industry - therefore your order will be dispatched as whole bulbs or as loose cloves of the equivalent bulb count requested, this ensures that we don't waste edible produce. Please ensure that you open your parcel as soon as it arrives, and store the garlic in cool, shaded and well ventilated area. Photos are for illustration purposes only, and the contents you receive may vary from photo shown, the contents of this pack is listed above in the product description.

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