If you're after a slightly easier new year's resolution than cutting out sugar and chocolate or doing more exercise why not make your resolution to EAT MORE GARLIC!

Here's all the wonderful things garlic can do for you:

* Make your cooking taste extra delicious. There are so many ways to include garlic in your cooking. Making base flavours for any one-pot dish by gently frying crushed garlic with other vegetables, adding a couple of cloves to hearty soups, using raw crushed garlic in salad dressings, making yummy dips using yoghurt and crushed garlic as a base, roasting garlic in the oven along with other vegetables- the options are almost endless. Pick up one of our cookbooks to inspire you.

* Impress your friends with your own home grown garlic. It's so easy to get your own garlic crop by simply popping a few cloves in the ground before the end of March. Pick up growing garlic, fertiliser and a growing guide in our easy growing pack.

* Improve your health by eating garlic regularly. The World Health Organisation recommends we all eat a clove a day to improve our health. By eating garlic regularly you'll keeping your immune system healthy, warding off nasty winter bugs and the dreaded colds as well as improving your cardiovascular health. There is increasing amounts of evidence of garlic's benefit to heart health from reducing blood pressure to helping to reduce cholesterol levels. Garlic works best as a preventive rather than a cure so keep yourself topped up to get the best health benefits from garlic.

* Improve you sex life! Yes, that's right. Might seem far-fetched but hear us out. Garlic is a well-known aphrodisiac as well as working like a natural a more gentle Viagra. Put simply, garlic improves the blood flow... to all parts of the body.