ODE TAE THE GARLIC - Heather Follis

Tae feed the Rich

Tae feed the Poor

We grow the pretty garlic flow'er

As way below her smellie feet

A bulb so strong and precious sweet

Sae well fed an' tasty too

We plough the fields each year anew

And hope, an' pray, that wi' the sun

The garlic flow'er again will come

Tae light oor lives, improve oor fare

An mak mon happy everywhere

We hae no fear

We hae no fright

At hame here on the Isle of Wight

Yin breath o' oors in their direction

Sends a they vampires in tae apoplexion.

So raise a glass an drink some wine

Remembering all auld friends o thine

Lads an' Lassies, Saints and sinners

Here's tae you and garlic dinners