The Garlic Farm is proud to be the UK expert in garlic growing. Our garlic cultivating experience is unrivalled in the UK and thanks to our many years of research and travels, our relatively small family-run company is now globally recognised in the world of garlic. For our customers, the importance of this is clear: high quality seed stock is the key to a good crop and by buying your seed from us you are one step closer to great results.


We trial every variety we sell at our farm and only recommend the best varieties for our customers to grow in their own gardens. Our garlic trials are located in a beautiful wild flower meadow at our Farm Shop and Restaurant site and visited by thousands of customers. This is something we are very keen to share with all our customers since it is the culmination of many years of research and dedication. Colin Boswell, the Garlic Farmer, has travelled over the world meeting garlic farmers from Ontario and California to the Tien Shan mountains in Kazakhstan and the depths of the Munzur Valley in Turkey. From these extraordinary garlic research trips, Colin has not only met some of the world's garlic cultivating experts but also brought back with him a selection of some of the most interesting, varied and well-loved garlic varieties available. We trial these varieties at the farm, making sure they grow well in our UK climate, before making them available to our customers. When you choose from our wide range of garlic seed varieties from around the world this will give you a first-hand insight into the diversity of this incredible plant. By growing different varieties, you will also benefit from varying flavours, colours, size, strength, longevity and a longer harvest window. We recommend our planting packs which will give you a broad spectrum of garlic varieties to try.

Our garlic for growing is different to consumption garlic as it is derived from virus-free stock meaning it has higher chances of giving you excellent results. If you need any specific garlic growing advice, please refer to our website or our handy growing guide for everything you would need to know from the basics of how to look after your garlic to the typical bugs and pests to watch out for.