The Garlic Festival 2016 takes place at Fighting Cox Cross Roads on 20th and 21st August 10am 6pm.

Tickets are available via Red Funnel:

For the love of Garlic

The first Newchurch Garlic Festival was held in August 1983. The unexpected influx blocked the roads for miles around as intrigued islanders and tourists flocked to this unusual village fete fundraiser. 33 years on and lots has changed no more traffic jams, thankfully - but we do uphold some of our traditions.

The essence of why we love The Garlic Festival is still the same as in its first year. For The Garlic Farm it's a true celebration of our passion for garlic and our first opportunity to show off this year's crop since it coincides with the end of the harvest period. Despite now having over 60 wonderful products made with garlic, we still rejoice in the simple majesty of harvesting a great crop of bulbs and seeing them displayed in the Garlic Tent.

Festival Goodies

At the farm we like nothing more than to explore the endless options for what can be done with garlic. Our latest creations, Black Garlic Ice Cream and Black Garlic Beer can both be enjoyed at the festival. Both have had rave reviews from customers. We are also bringing our famous 'Full On Sandwich' to the festival, a hugely popular garlicky dish at The Garlic Farm Restaurant. The Garlic Farm Field Kitchen will be cooking up their ever popular garlic mushrooms, super sweet sweetcorn, cheesy garlic bread and other garlicky goodness.

For keen growers, don't miss out on our selection of garlic varieties to grow in your own garden. Make the most of being here to get the best growing & cooking advice directly from us and other experts. In the Theatre Kitchen, Colin will be sharing knowledge and news from his garlic travels. Don't miss our head chef from The Garlic Farm Restaurant, Phillip Hopkins, cooking up some tasty garlic treats. The highlight will no doubt be the wonderful Bake-Off Winner, Nadiya Hussein, who will be wowing us on Saturday with some garlicky cookery magic.

Come to the Garlic Festival and join us in this wonderful celebration of the mighty bulb!