Garlic, Tomato & Fish Stew

The sunshine and fertile fields of the Isle of Wight provide a wealth of locally grown produce, including, of course, our own many varieties of garlic and some of the country's tastiest tomatoes. Being surrounded by water, we also have access to some fabulous fish and shellfish, which have often been swimming in the Solent just a few hours before reaching the fishmongers. Such fine, fresh ingredients need only the lightest of touches in the kitchen to let their flavours shine through, and this garlic and tomato fish stew is a prime example. It requires minimal prep, and even less effort to cook, but results in a satisfyingly flavoursome lunch or light supper, perfect for late Spring or Summer.


Ingredients (serves 2)

  • 2 cloves of garlic, sliced finely
  • 1/2 small white onion, finely sliced in half moons
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 150 ml vegetable stock, or use vegetable stock powder
  • 6 small new potatoes, halved or quartered
  • 400g cherry or baby plum tomatoes, halved
  • 175g cod fillet, chopped into 2.5 cm squares
  • sea salt
  • black pepper
  • 2-4 stems flat leaf parsley, leaves chopped



  1. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan, and gently fry the onion, garlic and lemon zest for a few minutes, until your kitchen is filled with the delicious scent of lemon and garlic.
  2. Pour in the hot vegetable stock and the halved tomatoes, followed by the new potatoes. Put a lid on the pan and cook for around 12 minutes, or until the potatoes are just tender.
  3. Add the chunks of fish and cover again to cook for a further 4 minutes.
  4. Season the stew, and serve with a garnish of chopped parsley and wedges of the zested lemon
  5. You may also like to have some crusty bread on standby to mop up the garlicky tomato juices.