Planning your garden with Garlic: companion planting 28th Oct, 2016

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If you are about to plant your garlic, it's a good time to think about companion planting and this might help your garlic and other garden plants do well. Garlic is a great deterrent to common garden pests. This is thanks to its natural accumulation of sulphur in the bulb which acts as a fungicide and deters pests such as aphids. When planting your garlic, it's worth noting that it companions well with the following plants: tomatoes, fruit trees, potatoes, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and carrots. It's best to keep it away from peas and beans as it may stunt the growth of these crops.

If you want to give your roses a little extra help, why not plant a few cloves in your rose beds. This will help to deter aphids, snails, caterpillars and many other insects out to destroy your lovely flowers. Plant three to four cloves in a circle around each rose bush. The sulphur present in the garlic will disperse into the soil and be taken up by the rose making it a less palatable treat for little bugs. To get a beautiful display of curly topped scapes and allium flowers, choose hardneck varieties.

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Growing garlic could not be easier and now is the perfect time to plant autumn planting varieties. Hardneck varieties have the benefit of producing a curly scape which can then turn into a beautiful allium flower. Elephant garlic produces huge purple allium flowers which many gardeners plant simply for their beauty. Our garlic growing packs are the perfect present for foodies and gardeners. A selection of different varieties of garlic gives the perfect introduction to garlic growing. Give the gift of garlic and spread the garlic love.