Rhapsody Wight ® Seed (2 or 4 Bulbs)

Allium Sativum (Softneck) - Our premium Early Purple garlic. Large purple bulbs with very wide leafy growth. Fresh, zingy flavours perfect in a salad. The first taste of new season garlic, en primeur.

Bright, large, bulbs that lift themselves up out of the ground as they swell, exposing deep purple streaks and mottling. Rated as an Artichoke type but with a strong hint of oriental influence giving it earliness. Historically originating in the village of Cadours, west of Toulouse, south west France as Violet de Cadours. This is the first true garlic of the season, deserving of a "Rhapsody", an ecstatic expression of feeling!

Horticultural Group: Artichoke
Origines: South West France
Cloves: 5 - 12 cloves/ bulb (estimated)
Expected size: 50 - 80mm (estimated)
Planted: September - December
Harvested: June

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