Iberian Wight seed calendar

Maddock Wight ® Seed
(2 or 4 Bulbs)

Allium Sativum (Softneck) - Our premium Iberian garlic. Large fat white garlic with purple stripes. Purple when grown close to surface. Excellent all round garlic with large cloves. Perfect with ripe tomatoes.

The classic white garlic of Cordoba, near Seville in south west Spain, grows well in the UK and was probably grown here by the Romans. Madoc, a Celtic name, farmed here in Saxon times. The farm was recorded as Madocksley - the clearing that Madoc farms.

Horticultural Group: Artichoke
Origines: Cordoba, South West Spain
Cloves: 8 - 14 cloves/ bulb (estimated)
Expected size: 50 - 70mm (estimated)
Planted: September - January
Harvested: May - July

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