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Picardy Wight Seed - 2 Bulbs

Allium Sativum (Softneck) - Originating in the fields of Picardy, growing on the battlefields of the Somme and the surrounding area. Adapted to cooler and wetter conditions, will grow anywhere in the UK that has proved a challenge to other garlic. In its native region it is plaited and smoked due to its longevity. Harvested after mid July it will keep to May the following year.

 Horticultural Group: Silverskin
 Origins: Picardy
 Cloves: 10 - 14 cloves/ bulb(estimated)
 Expected size: 35 - 55mm(estimated)
 Planted: October - March
 Harvested: July - August

Depending on whether you order a 2 or 4 bulb pack your order maybe dispatched as loose cloves of the equivalent count to ensure that we don’t waste good quality produce.

When storing your spring garlic until planting, we advise to remove from the packaging and store in dry, room temperature conditions and out of direct sunlight.

PLEASE NOTE: We are doing our bit to reduce food waste in our industry - therefore your order will be dispatched as whole bulbs or as loose cloves of the equivalent bulb count ordered, this ensures that we don't waste good quality produce. Please ensure that you open your parcel as soon as it arrives, and store the garlic in cool, shaded and well ventilated area such as a shed or garage, until planting.

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