Yates Brewery Holy Joe 500Ml
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Yates' Brewery - Holy Joe 500ml

An amber coloured ale with a bittersweet aftertaste, ground coriander is added to the brew to give it an extra citrusy spicy finish.

Beer temperature is a very individual choice so we leave you to experiment, but based on the depth of flavour in Holy Joe, we've found it suits cellar or room temperature.

It pairs well with aromatic dishes that exploit the rounded flavour of garlic, such as guacamole or curries.

Yates' Brewery sits at the southern most part of our farm. They have been our neighbours for many years and are the faithful brewers of our Black Garlic Beer. Their mix of small batch, traditional methods alongside a flair for innovation have won them dozens of awards and loyal customers.

4.9% ABV

500ml Bottle

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